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In June 2015 the Motoclub Aiala being aware of the huge Enduro trajectory in Gordexola and the fans expectation across the country with our tests, we thought of the idea in bringing the maximum event in the world of Enduro to our own land. With these premises, we presented at the Spanish Motorcycling Federation's bid to host the 2016 World Enduro race held in the State Championship. After examining the applications, the Spanish Federation decided  that we presented the best  application and it was presented at the FIM giving us the immediate support and taking into account the fact that we had being doing the Gordexola Xtreme  for the last 9 years, we were finally given the 2016 World test.

Facing this challenge and with the clear objective of developing the best race of the year on the world circuit, the Motoclub Aiala joins the Motoclub Zalla Off Road and the Motoclub Zalla together  and with the support of  the Gordexola City Council Town Hall, Zalla, Güeñes, Biscayne Motorcycling Federation, Alavesa Motorcycling Federation, Basque Motorcycling Federation, Spanish Motorcycling Federation International Motorcycling Federation, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Basque Government in order to arrange this challenge in the region of Enkarterri.

The Enduro World Race will be the most important sport test ever held in the region of the Encartaciones. So we've designed a route of 65 km running through the mountains of Gordexola, Zalla and Gueñes and time trials in the center of Gordexola, Zalla and in the area of ​​Jara in Gueñes. The route is to be designed for the public to be able to move through the road from San Cosme all along 9 km so they will be able to see the 3 time check areas.

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